Rick Ouellette
Bedford, MA, U.S.A

Bio: I'm a freelance writer and published my second book in November 2016. It's called "Rock Docs: A Fifty Year Cinematic Journey." My first, "Documentary 101: A Viewer's Guide to Non-Fiction Film," was released in 2013. My other activities, like photography, bicycling and a little urban exploring also tie into the content of this blog, which is dedicated to the celebrating the rich history of rock music, film and popular culture.

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    1. I was wondering when someone was going to call me on that! Yes to the helmet, esp. considering all the space junk out there. It refers to a book-in-my-head called “Bike Ride to the Moon.” It’s more of a chronology of pop music as heard through the headphones while riding, my weekly escape from the over-stressed world. I’m thinking of doing a trial installment on the blog soon and put it there to dare myself.

  1. Hi Rick!
    Thanks for checking out the “ambient” version of “Rock Lobster”. Looking around your site, I see a lot of interesting stuff, so I went ahead and Followed you. I have a quick question: could you tell me where you found my post? The reason I ask is I’m suddenly getting a LOT of Facebook traffic for that post (10+ times what I normally get), but I’m unable to see who shared it, and my curiosity’s kind of driving me crazy. Maybe a B-52s fansite or something like that? Anyway… thanks again!

  2. Hello Jorge, thanks for following. Loved that post and the sound clip, I ended up listening to most of it. It was a post circulating around some musicians who are friends on Facebook. If you want I can friend you on FB and I’ll share it back to you. rick

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