The Newburyport Documentary Film Fest is this weekend

Newb doc

Those of you from Massachusetts (or the lower reaches of New Hampshire and Maine) who share my love of non-fiction film should definitely try and make it to the annual Newburyport Documentary Film Festival being held in downtown Newburyport, Mass. from Sept. 19-21. See below for the link to their official website and schedule:

This is a modest (two-venue) happening but intimacy is a big part of the festival’s appeal. There are free panel discussions and coffee times with many of the filmmakers and it’s a great place for those producing documentary shorts: this year there are three different one-hour blocks of short subjects.

Moreover, Newburyport, if you’ve never been, is a great place to spend a day, a city that blends hipness and old New England charm. Check it out if you get a chance.

And if you can’t make because of time or geography, please have a look at their schedule to maybe find out about some great docs to see later at your convenience.


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