Now available: The complete “Teenage Proghead” comic book!


Comic Book

Postage included (even outside the USA), please provide mailing address in PayPal


Spin yourself back down all the days to…
Wilsontown High School, 1974

It was a time when the hair was long and so were the musical attention spans. That fall the mellow vibe of Wilsontown High gets disrupted by a mysterious rich-kid bully. But he makes a “sad” miscalculation when he focuses his grievances on Sean and Paul—two know-it-all aspiring rock critics—and their two new friends: clairvoyant Jane Klancy and kung-fu enthusiast April Underwood. Things are going to get personal in a hurry…

It’s here! The complete 32-page “I Was a Teenage Proghead” is now available in a shiny new standard comic-book format. Text is by me (Rick Ouellette) and artwork is by Brian Bicknell. The recently added 8-page epilogue catches up with the kids in the summer of 1975, a year after the events of Part One.

This project is 100% author-funded. If you would like to support indie, rock ‘n’ roll-inspired comics, you can purchase your own copy (and/or buy one for a friend) for only $5, postage included.

Thanks, Rick Ouellette


  1. Well done Rick on getting your comic book published. It looks great and glad you found an artist you worked well with.

    I can’t honestly say I’m a big fan of prog rock (bet you didn’t guess!) but I am a fan of seeing people turn their projects into reality so will order a copy. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. Since starting my little blog I’ve bought all the works fellow bloggers have produced, and am now the proud owner of 3 novels, 4 comic-books, a book of short stories and your Rock docs volume, all enjoyed very much.

    (You are being very generous with the postal charges so wonder if you will make any money from my purchase but hopefully it’s more about getting it out there.)

    1. Thanks so much for your support, Alyson. Yes, it’s more about getting my work out there than anything else. And even if you’re not much of a prog fan, you may enjoy getting a little glimpse into teenage life in the U.S. during the 70s!

      1. Looking forward to reading it. Teenage life in 70s US was probably not all that different to teenage life where I come from. The times defined us more than the accents and the cars. Fond memories still.

    1. Hi Rick – The comic-book arrived this week and I’ve just finished reading it. I loved it. The years you cover are so pivotal aren’t they, that sweet spot before you venture out into the world, when the most important things in your life are hanging out with your friends, listening to music, and fledgling relationships (with schoolwork and good grades thrown in of course). Life was not very different in my neck of the woods and I totally get how the whole proghead thing came about. My husband’s older brother was very much into the same music, whereas we came of age just as punk had exploded, so got into that instead. Some very funny dialogue in there and of course the premonitions about the future were a masterstroke. Thanks so much for sending it out and sorry about the high postage. I will plug it over at my place as recompense.

      1. Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it. It is all pretty universal in theme (if not in all details) and for years I’ve enjoyed across-the-pond “high school” related things like “Gregory’s Girl.” I would love any sort of write-up, I’m trying to plug it a little more before I’m too far into my graphic novel project.

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